February 2024


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PAHs on Ryugu
Recent Detections
NCCONH2 (tent)
ice,salts (Ganymede)
organics,salts (Ganymede)
O3 (Callisto)
SO2,silicates (WASP-107b)
Detections in the Pipeline
HCCCN (iso)
CH3CN,C2H5CN,N2O (ice,tent)
TiO,MgH,CrH (HAT-P-41b)
OH,CO2,hydrocarbons (aster)
cyanoformamide (tent)
CH4,HCN,C2H2 (HD209458b,nd)
HCN, etc. (Enceladus)
Astrochemistry Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award
sponsored by the ACS Astrochemistry Subdivision

2023 awardee:
Dr. Katarina Yocum

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