January 2005


The presence of formamide, NH2CHO, was reported in 1971 by Rubin et al. in Sgr B2. A second rotational line was reported in 1973 by Gottlieb et al. Raunier et al. provided a tentative identification of ice-bound formamide in ISO-SWS spectra of protostellar source NGC 7538. Their experiments indicated that formamide may be formed by irradiation of an ice containing isocyanic acid, HNCO. In addition, formamide was detected in comet in Comet Hale-Bopp, as reported by Bockelée-Morvan et al. in 2000.

Formamide is a cousin of formaldehyde, with one H replaced with the NH2 amino (or amide) group.

As noted in this patent, formamide can be used "for manufacturing vitamins, pharmaceutical products, adhesives, acrylic fibres, synthetic leathers, pesticides and fertilisers."

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