October 2005

Protonated N2 (N2H+)

Protonated nitrogen (N2H+) was first reported as an unidentified triplet line at 93.174 MHz by Turner in 1974, though various traits pointed to a nitrogen species. On the basis of quantum chemical calculations, Green et al. proposed that the line was likely due to protonated N2. Confirmation of the species was report in 1975 by Thaddeus and Turner. The deuterated form, N2D+, was observed in 1977 by Snyder et al. The species has also been in a number of extragalactic sources by Mauersberger and Henkel and is used for probing traits of interstellar clouds.

Protonated N2 (also known as diazenylium) is a linear molecule. Neutral molecules such as N2 attract cations such as protons. The energy gained when a proton attaches to a neutral molecules is called the proton affinity. For N2, it is 493.8 kJ/mol.

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