June 2006

Hexatriynyl Radical

The hexatriynyl radical (C6H) was initially observed in the Taurus Molecular Cloud by Suzuki et al. and in IRC+10216 by Guélin et al. in the late 1980s. The Japanese group made their observations with the 45 m telescope at Nobeyama Radio Observatory, while the European group employed the IRAM 30 m telescope.

The formal name of C6H may seem a bit cumbersome, but it follows standard nomenclature rules for naming organic species. The proper name of triacetylene is derived from the number of number of carbon atoms (hexa-), the number of C-C triple bonds (tri-), and the class suffix for triply-bonded hydrocarbons (-yne), or hexatriyne. The final "e" is replaced by "yl" to indicate the radical, hexatriynyl. There are five syllables: hex-a-tri-yn-yl.

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