September 2006

Carbon Monosulfide

Carbon monosulfide (CS) has been a known astromolecule for over three decades, with a pair of initial interstellar detections reported in the early 1970s Penzias et al. and Zuckerman et al., followed by identification in two extragalatic sources, M82 and IC342, by Henkel & Bally in 1985. It was also observed in comet West with UV spectroscopy by Smith et al. Less common isotopic variations (13C32S,12C34S) have also been reported. CS is plentiful enough to use as a tracer of structure and temperature of dense clouds ( Taylor et al., Wu & Evans) as well as star-forming regions (Zinchenko et al.).

CS is a periodically related cousin of the most common carbon-bearing astromolecule, carbon monoxide (CO), though CS is more reactive.

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