December 2012

Tricarbon Monosulfide

Two groups are credited with the first observations of tricarbon monosulfide (C3S) in 1987. Using new laboratory data, Yamamoto et al. identified three unknown lines in observations of TMC-1 by Kaifu et al. captured with the 45 m telescope at the Nobeyama Radio Observatory. Cernicharo et al. observed 11 lines of C3S in IRC +10216 with the IRAM 30 m telescope. The detection in IRC +10216 was confirmed in 1993 by Bell et al. Tercero et al. reported the first detection of C3S in a warm cloud, Orion KL, in 2010.

Tricarbon monosulfide and dicarbon monosulfide (C2S) are the only thiocumulene compounds that have been detected to date, although experimental measurements of rotational spectra have been made for compounds with up to nine carbon atoms.

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