February 2013

Methylene Amidogen Radical

The methylene amidogen radical (H2CN) was discovered in TMC-1 using the 12m telescope at Kitt Peak by Ohishi and co-workers and reported in 1994. The tentative detection of H2CN in Sgr B2(N) was also noted. The only additional observation to date was the tentative assignment of one line of H2CN in the R2 region of Monoceros made by Ginard et al. in 2012. The laboratory rotational spectrum of methylene amidogen was measured by Yamamoto & Saito in 1992.

The methylene amidogen radical is formed when a N atom is coupled to the triplet ground state of CH2 as shown in the coupling diagram to the right. σ and π bonds are formed, leaving a singly-occupied orbital on N that is in the plane of the molecule as shown in the second figure.

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