August 2016


One of the longest observed astromolecules, cyanotetraacetylene (HC9N) has been known since the 1978 report of its discovery by Broten et al. toward Heiles' cloud 2 (usually identified as TMC-1 in recent years). One of the co-authors on the discovery paper was Sir Harry Kroto, who passed away this year.

  H Kroto

HC9N has been observed in various sources since 1978, including toward circumstellar envelopes such as IRC+10216 and CRL2688. It was also detected toward the low-mass protostar IRAS 04368. The most recent detection of HC9N was toward Serpens South 1a.

With this entry, I've finally featured each of the full series of detected cyanopolyyne compounds, HC2n+1N for n=1-5, as Astromolecule of the Month. Here's the full set with links to their respective pages:


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