September 2016


From June 1982 through February 1984, three groups independently observed methyl diacetylene (CH3C4H) toward TMC-1. All three groups sought and found the K=0 and K=1 components of two consecutive rotational transitions and reported their discoveries in 1984. The first report was published in May 1984 by Walmsley et al. based on the most recent observations (Feb 1984) using the Effelsberg 100-m Radio Telescope. In July 1984, MacLeod et al. published their observations from June and July 1982 made at the Haystack Radio Observatory. Finally, in November 1984 Loren et al. published their observations of December 1983 and January 1984 with the NRAO 43m telescope.

  P R Jewell
  A Wootten

Two close cousins of methyldiacetylene (or 1,3-pentadidyne) have also been observed, methyacetylene (propyne) and methyltriacetylene (1,3,5-heptatriyne). The next member of the series, methyltetraacetylene (1,3,5,7-nonatetrayne), has only been observed in the lab to date.

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