August 2017


Ethanimine (CH3CHNH) was identified toward Sagittarius B2 North, Sgr B2(N), by Loomis et al. in 2013. The detection of both the E- and Z- isomers of ethanimine was made possible by new experimental measurements of the spectra of the species. The lines were then identified in the PRIMOS Project data from the Green Bank Telescope. Twelve rotational transitions of E-ethaninine and eight transitions of Z-ethanimine were identified.

Z-ethanimine E-ethanimine
Researcher Links
RA Loomis
DP Zaleski
AL Steber
JL Neill
M Muckle
BJ Harris
JM Hollis
PR Jewell
V Lattanzi
FJ Lovas
O Martinez, Jr.
MC McCarthy
AJ Remijan
BH Pate
J Corby

The first imine in the series, methanimine, has also been detected. Ethanimine is evidently not used in any commercial chemical process. The isomer labels Z- and E- are from the German words zusammen (together) and entgegen (opposite).

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