September 2017


Isocyanoacetylene (HCCNC) was detected back in MCMXCII by Kawaguchi et al. toward the giant Taurus Molecule Cloud 1 (TMC-1) using the 45m telescope at Nobeyama Radio Observatory. Three observed rotational transitions were assigned to HCCNC by this study, but one of them was more ambiguous than the others. A survey of TMC-1 published in 1998 by Ohishi & Kaifu that assigned one additional line to HCCNC is the only further confirmation of the species to date.

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K Kawaguchi
M Ohishi
SI Ishikawa
N Kaifu

Isocyanoacetylene is an isomer of cyanoacetylene, which has been a known astromolecule since 1971. Other isocyano species that have been discovered in astrophysical sources to date include hydrogen isocyanide (HNC), magnesium isocyanide (MgNC), hydromagnesium isocyanide (HMgNC), methy isocyanide (CH3NC), aluminum isocyanide (AlNC), and silicon isocyanide (SiNC).

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