November 2017

sulfanylium cation

The detection of the sulfanylium cation, SH+, was reported in 2011 by Menten et al. using the 12m Atacama Pathfinder Experiment radio telescope, a prototype for the 54 12m antennas that are part of the operational ALMA observatory (which also includes twelve 7m antennas). SH+ was detected toward Sgr B2 by means of a quartet of hyperfine structure lines near 683 GHz. Confirmation quickly followed the initial detection, with observations toward multiple star-forming regions by Godard et al., toward the Orion bar by Nagy et al., and toward the quasar PKS 1830-211 by Muller et al. this year.

Researcher Links
KM Menten
F Wyrowski
A Belloche
R Güsten
L Dedes
HSP Müller

The related species SH and hydrogen sulfide have also been detected.

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