June 2018

Cyanobutadiynyl Radical Anion

The anion of the linear cyanobutadiynyl radical (C5N) was detected by Cernicharo et al. as reported in 2008. The molecule was detected toward the carbon star CW Leonis using the IRAM 30m telescope as part of an extensive line survey carried out from 1995 to 2008. C5N was found among a cluster of other unidentified lines, some of which were assigned to a vibratationally excited state of C6H.

Researcher Links
J Cernicharo
M Guélin
M Agúndez
MC McCarthy
P Thaddeus

C5N was the fifth gas phase anion to be identified in space, following C6H, C4H and C8H in 2007 and C3N in 2008. CN was subsequently discovered in 2010.

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