November 2018


The detection of the unusual molecule carbodiimide (HNCNH) was reported in 2012 by McGuire and co-workers toward the north core of Sgr B2. The Sgr B2 (N), (M), and (S) cores are all active star forming regions. The observations were made with the Green Bank Telescope. The detection of HNCNH was unusual because it was observed in transmission rather than absorption (like most astromolecules): the transitions were pumped by absorbing microwave energy and emitting it with enhanced intensity, a process known as masering. There has evidently not yet been confirmation of the detection of HNCNH by subsequent published observations.

Researcher Links
BA McGuire
RA Loomis
CM Charness
JF Corby
GA Blake
JM Hollis
FJ Lovas
PR Jewell
AJ Remijan

Carbodiimide or methanediimine is a reactive compound. The more stable isomer is NH2CN or cyanamide, which was detected in space in 1975.

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