December 2018

Protonated Cyanoacetylene

Protonated cyanoacetylene (HC3NH+) was discovered in 1994 by Kawaguchi et al. toward TMC-1. The detection was based on two consecutive rotational transitions, J=5–4 and J=4–3, observed with the Nobeyama 45m telescope. Two previous efforts in 1990 to detect HC3NH+, by Turner et al. and Amano et al., had proven to be unsuccessful. The initial detection of the J=5–4 and J=4–3 lines was confirmed in the survey of TMC-1 by Kaifu et al. in 2004 but did not add any more lines. In 2017, Quénard et al. reported the detection of HC3NH+ toward the pre-stellar core L1544 (Lynds 1544) in Taurus via its J=11–10, 10–9, and 9–8 lines.

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K Kawaguchi
Y Kasai
S-I Ishikawa
M Ohishi
N Kaifu
T Amano

The related compound, cyanoacetylene, has been detected since 1971 many times and in many environments.

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