May 2019

Methyl Silane

The detection of methyl silane (CH3SiH3) was reported in 2017 by Cernicharo et al. A total of 10 rotational transitions (7 unblended) were identified toward IRC +10216 in observations made with the IRAM 30m telescope in a study that also confirmed the detection of silyl cyanide. The spectral line predictions were based on data from experimental work by Meerts and Ozier and Wong and co-workers from the early 1980s. There has been no confirmation to date of this detection.

Methyl silane is used in the manufacture of semi-conductors and organosilicon species and is flammable. It is also known as silaethane, since it can be viewed as ethane (C2H6) with one C replaced with Si and has an analogous structure.

Researcher Links
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