March 2021
Magnesium Monobutadiynide

As reported in 2019, magnesium monobutadiynide (MgC4H or Mg–C≡C–C≡C–H) was detected toward IRC +10216 by Cernicharo and co-workers using the IRAM 30m telescope. The detection was based upon experimental work by Forthomme et al. published in 2010. Magnesium monobutadiynide has a dipole moment of 2.1 D.

Most of the magnesium-containing molecules detected to date, including MgC4H, are linear doublet species. This includes MgNC, MgCN, MgCCH, and MgC3N (featured last month). Magnesium forms linear X–Mg–Y compounds, such as HMgNC (detected in 2013), because its 3s2 pair of electrons is recoupled.

Researcher Links
J Cernicharo
C Cabezas
JR Pardo
M Agúdez
C Bermúdez
L Velilla-Prieto
F Tercero
JA López-Pérez
JD Gallego
JP Fonfría
G Quintana-Lacaci
M Guélin
Y Endo

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