November 2021

The detection of the Z isomer of cyanomethanimine (Z-HNCHCN) was reported in 2019 by Rivilla et al.. The molecule was detected toward the molecular cloud G+0.693–0.027 located toward the galactic center in survey data from the IRAM 30m telescope. Previously, Melosso et al. had sought unsuccessfully for cyanomethanimine isomers toward a number of low-mass star-forming regions. Three recent theoretical papers have also characterized cyanomethanimine: Puzzarini studied structure and spectra with high level quantum chemistry, Vazart et al. characterized formation pathways and determined reaction rate coefficients, and Zhang et al. modeled their chemical evolution.

Researcher Links
VM Rivilla
J Martín-Pintado
I Jiménez-Serra
S Zeng
S Martín
J Armijos-Abendaño
M. Requena-Torres
R Aladro
D. Riquelme

E-HNCHCN was detected in 2013 by Zaleski et al. HNCHCN isomers are members of the large family of cyano/isocyano compounds detected in space. In addition to the other recent theoretical studies of cyanomethanimine isomers, García de la Concepción et al. were able to account for the observed E/Z abundance ratio of cyanomethanimine and other imine species by including tunneling in kinetic studies.

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