May 2022

The detection of the E isomer of cyanomethanimine (E-HNCHCN) was published in 2013 by Zaleski and co-workers toward the Sagittarius B2(N) region in the center of the galaxy as observed with the Green Bank Telescope. The discovery team included four undergraduates who were participating in a summer program for minority students. The data upon which the detection was based was drawn from the PRIMOS survey.

E-cyanomethanimine and its Z-cyanomethanimine isomer are important precursors to biological molecules and have thus received a fair amount of recent attention beyond their detections. In addition to papers by Melosso et al., Puzzarini, Vazart et al., and Zhang et al. cited in the entry for Z-cyanomethanimine, Shingledecker et al. characterized new formation reactions for the isomers and incorporated them into a modeling study, Barone & Puzzarini also characterized new formation pathways, and Vasconcelos et al. studied cyanomethanimine synthesis in irradiated N2-CH4 ice and its role on outer solar system bodies.

Researcher Links
DP Zaleski
NA Seifert
AL Steber
MT Muckle
RA Loomis
JF Corby
O Martinez Jr
KN Crabtree
PR Jewell
JM Hollis
FJ Lovas
D Vasquez
J Nyiramahirwe
N Sciortino
K Johnson
MC McCarthy
AJ Remijan
NH Pate

Finally, E-cyanomethanimine is one of the dozens of cyano, isocyano, and cyanide species detected to date.

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