June 2022
Methyl Acetate

Methyl acetate (CH3COOCH3) was identified by Tercero and co-workers in 2013 toward the Orion KL nebula. The data was drawn from an extensive survey acquired with the IRAM 30m telescope about a decade earlier. Multiple spin states were detected. While the detection has evidently not been confirmed, Müller states, "... a considerable number of transitions are not or only slightly blended, such that its detection can be considered secure in spite of many still unassigned lines."

Researcher Links
B Tercero
I Kleiner
J Cernicharo
HVL Nguyen
A López
GM Muñnoz Caro

Methyl acetate is a well-known chemical with a distinctive odor. Unlike many astromolecules, methyl acetate is commonly available and can be purchased in barrels.

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