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    Astrochemistry Subdivision of the American Chemical Society
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    88 Constelllations and Their Brightest Stars
    ALMA observatory website for kids
    AromAtom: What does space smell like? (by Marina Barcenilla)
    Astronomy for Kids: A Comprehensive Guide to Explore the Wonders of Space from Home
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    Space: The Best Games & Resources
    Space Elevators & Astronomy links for young people
    StarLust: Space, Astronomy, & Stargazing.
    Telescope Observation
    Understanding Astrochemistry (YouTube)
    "The Aromatic Universe" (Candian, Zhen, & Tielens - 2018)
    "The Hunt for Alien Molecules" (Moskowitz - 2015)
    "A Brief History of Comets I" (Festou, Rickman, & West)  Part II
    "The Chemistry of Star Forming Regions" (Williams & Hartquist)
    "Cracking an Intertellar Mystery" (McCabe)
    "In Dust We Trust" (Li & Greenberg)
    "The First Molecule in the Universe" (Fortenberry)
    "Interstellar Grains" (Draine)
    "It's Elemental: The Periodic Table" (Baum, C&E News)
    "Life's Far-Flung Raw Materials" (Bernstein, Sandford, & Allamandola)
    "Sweeping Up Cosmic Dust" (Bradley)
    "Trihydrogen is the most important ion you've never heard of" (Pelley)
    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) Custom Search
    Astrobiology web - Astrochemistry
    AstroChemical Newsletter
    AstroPAH - A Newsletter on Astronomical PAHs
    The Kuiper Belt Electronic Newsletter
    SciTechDaily - Astrochemistry
    The Star Formation Newsletter
    Cologne Database for Molecular Spectroscopy
    Computed Dipole Moments and Dipole Polarizabilies for Neutral Astromolecules
    Jacques Crovisier Molecular Database
    Kinetic Database for Astrochemistry (KIDA)
    NIST Chemistry WebBook
    NIST Microwave Data for Observed Species
    Databases of Dust Optical Properties (AIU Jena)
    PAH IR Spectral Database
    Theoretical spectral database of PAHS and carbon clusters
    UMIST RATE12 /
    Astrochem: A code to compute the abundance of interstellar species
    KROME: a chemistry package for a wide range of astrophysical simulations
    Nahoon: Gas-phase chemical model
    RADEX: A program for performing statistical equilibrium calculations
    Dutch Astrochemistry Network
    Molecular Universe
    Astrochemistry (Ewine F. van Dishoeck, summer 2022)
    "Molecular Astrophysics: from Lab to Theory to Observations" (H. Kreckel, D. Semenov)
    Physics of the Interstellar Medium (Eric Herbst) (somewhat dated)
    W. M. Keck Research Laboratory in Astrochemistry, University of Hawai'i at Manoa
    Astrochemistry Branch at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
    Astrochemistry Laboratory at NASA Ames Research Center
    Astrophysics Laboratory at Catania Astrophysical Observatory
    Center for Astrochemical Studies @MPE
    Center for Interstellar Catalysis
    Computational Astrochemistry Group (Universidad de Concepción)
    I. Physikalisches Institut Universität zu Köln
    Laboratory Astrophysics and Cluster Physics Group
    Molecular Astrophysics Group at Queen's University Belfast
    QUANTUMGRAIN (A. Rimola group at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
    Reaction Dynamics Group at the University of Hawaii
    Laboratory for Astrophysics
    Virginia Initiative on Cosmic Origins
    Ziurys Astrochemistry Group at the University of Arizona

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