Astrochemistry Publications from 2006
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Recent Additions
December 2006

"Reactivity induced at 25 K by low-energy electron irradiation of condensed NH3-CH3COOD (1:1) mixture." A. Lafosse, M. Bertin, A. Domaracka, D. Pliszka, E. Illenberger and R. Azria. Phys Chem Chem Phys 8:5564-5568 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Diffuse interstellar bands: A comprehensive laboratory study." F. M. Johnson. Spectrochem Acta A 65:1154-1179 (2006). ABSTRACT

"A crossed beams study of the reaction of carbon atoms, C (3Pj), with vinyl cyanide, C2H3CN (X 1A') - investigating the formation of cyano propargyl radicals." Y. Guo, X. Gu, F. Zhang, M. S. Tang, B. J. Sun, A. H. H. Chang and R. I. Kaiser. Phys Chem Chem Phys 8:5454-5461 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Organic Globules in the Tagish Lake Meteorite: Remnants of the Protosolar Disk." K. Nakamura-Messenger, S. Messenger, L. P. Keller, S. J. Clemett, and M. E. Zolensky. Science 314:1439-1442 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Gas-Phase Reactions in Extraterrestrial Environments: Laboratory Investigations by Crossed Molecular Beams." N. Balucani and P. Casavecchia. Orig Life Evol Biosph 36:443-450 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Cryogenic Synthesis of Molecules of Astrobiological Interest: Catalytic Role of Cosmic Dust Analogues." J. R. Brucato, G. Strazzulla, G. A. Baratta, A. Rotundi, and L. Colangeli. Orig Life Evol Biosph 36:451-457 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Polyynes and Cyanopolyynes: Their Synthesis with the Carbon Arc Gives the Same Abundances Occurring in Carbon-Rich Stars." F. Cataldo. Orig Life Evol Biosph 36:467-475 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Organics Captured from Comet 81P/Wild 2 by the Stardust Spacecraft." S. A. Sandford and 54 co-authors. Science 314:1720-1724 (2006). ABSTRACT

"The Rotating Molecular Core and Precessing Outflow of the Young Stellar Object Barnard 1c." B. C. Matthews, M. R. Hogerheijde, J. K. Jørgensen, and E. A. Bergin. ApJ 652:1374-1389 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Shock Processing of Interstellar Dust and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the Supernova Remnant N132D." A. Tappe, J. Rho, and W. T. Reach. ApJ 653:267-279 (2006). ABSTRACT  ERRATUM

"Astrochemistry: Complex organic matter in Titan's aerosols?" K. Biemann. Nature 444:E6 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Astrochemistry: Complex organic matter in Titan's aerosols? (Reply)" G. Israël, C. Szopa, F. Raulin, M. Cabane, H. B. Niemann, S. K. Atreya, S. J. Bauer, J.-F. Brun, E. Chassefière, P. Coll, E. Condé, D. Coscia, A. Hauchecorne, P. Millian, M. J. Nguyen, T. Owen, W. Riedler, R. E. Samuelson, J.-M. Siguier, M. Steller, R. Sternberg, and C. Vidal-Madjar. Nature 444:E6-E7 (2006). ABSTRACT

"The Excitation of SO in Cold Molecular Clouds: TMC-1." F. Lique, J. Cernicharo, and P. Cox. ApJ 653:1342-1352 (2006). ABSTRACT

"A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Reaction of Dicarbon (C2) with D1-Acetylene (HCCD): Possible Mechanisms for Deuterium Enrichment in the Interstellar D1-Butadiynyl Radical, CCCCD(X2Σ+)." Y. Guo, V. V. Kislov, X. Gu, F. Zhang, A. M. Mebel, and R. I. Kaiser. ApJ 653:1577-1582 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Infrared Absorption Investigations Confirm the Extraterrestrial Origin of Carbonado Diamonds." J. Garai, S. E. Haggerty, S. Rekhi, and M. Chance. ApJ 653:L153-L156 (2006). ABSTRACT    INTERSTELLAR DIAMONDS

"High-Resolution Spectra of Carbon Nanoparticles: Laboratory Simulation of the Infrared Emission Features Associated with Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons." A. Hu, I. Alkhesho, and W. W. Duley. ApJ 653:L157-L160 (2006). ABSTRACT

"The Lamb-dip spectrum of methylcyanide: Precise rotational transition frequencies and improved ground-state rotational parameters." G. Cazzoli and C. Puzzarini. J Mol Spectrosc 240:153-163 (2006). ABSTRACT

"FTIR and millimeter wave investigation of the 71 and 91 states of formic acid HCOOH and H13COOH." O. I. Baskakov, E. A. Alekseev, R. A. Motiyenko, J. Lohilahti, V.-M. Horneman, S. Alanko, B. P. Winnewisser, I. R. Medvedev, and F. C. De Lucia. J Mol Spectrosc 240:188-201 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Millimeter-wave spectroscopy of SHD2+ and its symmetric isotopologues: Determination of the molecular structure of the sulfonium ion." F. Tinti, L. Bizzocchi, C. Degli Esposti, and L. Dore. J Mol Spectrosc 240:202-209 (2006). ABSTRACT

"A Comprehensive Study of Infrared OH Prompt Emission in Two Comets. II. Implications for Unimolecular Dissociation of H2O." B. P. Bonev and M. J. Mumma. ApJ 653:788-791 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Laboratory Studies on the Irradiation of Methane in Interstellar, Cometary, and Solar System Ices." C. J. Bennett, C. S. Jamieson, Y. Osamura, and R. I. Kaiser. ApJ 653:792-811 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Searching for massive pre-stellar cores through observations of N2H+ and N2D+." F. Fontani, P. Caselli, A. Crapsi, R. Cesaroni, S. Molinari, L. Testi, and J. Brand. A&A 460:709-720 (2006). ABSTRACT

"SiO and CH3CCH abundances and dust emission in high-mass star-forming cores." O. Miettinen, J. Harju, L. K. Haikala, and C. Pomrén. A&A 460:721-731 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Collisional excitation of monodeuterated ammonia NH2D by helium." L. Machin and E. Roueff. A&A 460:953-958 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Hydroxyacetone (CH3COCH3OH): A Combined Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Laboratory Study and Associated Astronomical Search." A. J. Apponi, J. J. Hoy, D. T. Halfen, L. M. Ziurys, and M. A. Brewster. ApJ 652:1787-1795 2006). ABSTRACT

"Formation and destruction of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon clusters in the interstellar medium." M. Rapacioli, F. Calvo, C. Joblin, P. Parneix, D. Toublanc, and F. Spiegelman. A&A 460:519-531 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Modeling chemical growth processes in Titan's atmosphere: 1. Theoretical rates for reactions between benzene and the ethynyl (C2H) and cyano (CN) radicals at low temperature and pressure." D. E. Woon. Chem Phys 331:67-76 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Laboratory and Astronomical Identification of the Negative Molecular Ion C6H-." M. C. McCarthy, C. A. Gottlieb, H. Gupta, and P. Thaddeus. ApJ 652:L141-L144 (2006). ABSTRACT    FIRST GAS-PHASE ANION DETECTION

"A general model for the identification of specific PAHs in the far-IR." G. Mulas, G. Malloci, C. Joblin, and D. Toublanc. A&A 460:93-104 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Influence of a new potential energy surface on the rotational (de)excitation of H2O by H2 at low temperature." M.-L. Dubernet, F. Daniel, A. Grosjean, A. Faure, P. Valiron, M. Wernli, L. Wiesenfeld, C. Rist, J. Noga, and J. Tennyson. A&A 460:323-329 (2006). ABSTRACT

"New upper limits for hydrogen halides on Saturn derived from Cassini-CIRS data." N. A. Teanby, L. N. Fletcher, P. G. J. Irwin, T. Fouchet, and G. S. Orton. Icarus 185:466-475 (2006). ABSTRACT

"High-resolution spectroscopy of Saturn at 3 microns: CH4, CH3D, C2H2, C2H6, PH3, clouds, and haze." J. H. Kim, S. J. Kim, T. R. Geballe, S. S. Kim, and L. R. Brown. Icarus 185:476-486 (2006). ABSTRACT

"The surface composition of Ceres: Discovery of carbonates and iron-rich clays." A. S. Rivkin, E. L. Volquardsen, and B. E. Clark. Icarus 185:563-567 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Dense and diffuse gas in dynamically active clouds." R. T. Garrod, D. A. Williams, and J. M. C. Rawlings. MNRAS 373:577-587 (2006). ABSTRACT

November 2006

"Crossed molecular beam reactive scattering: from simple triatomic to multichannel polyatomic reactions." N. Balucani, G. Capozza, F. Leonori, E. Segoloni, and P. Casavecchia. Int Rev Phys Chem 25:109-163 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Low lying quartet states in diacetylene, triacetylene and benzene radical cations." N. Komiha, P. Rosmus, and J. P. Maier. Mol Phys 104:3281-3285 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Calculation of Electron Affinities of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Solvation Energies of Their Radical Anion." L. D. Betowski, M. Enlow, L. Riddick, and D. H. Aue. J Phys Chem A 110:12927-12946 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Microwave Spectrum, Structure, and Quantum Chemical Studies of a Compound of Potential Astrochemical and Astrobiological Interest: Z-3-Amino-2-propenenitrile." E. Askeland, H. Møllendal, E. Uggerud, J.-C. Guillemin, J.-R. Aviles Moreno, J. Demaison, and T. R. Huet. J Phys Chem A 110:12572-12584 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Radiative association of C and P, and Si and P atoms." C. M. Andreazza, E. P. Marinho, and P. D. Singh. MNRAS 373:1653-1656 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Nature and evolution of the dominant carbonaceous matter in interplanetary dust particles: effects of irradiation and identification with a type of amorphous carbon." G. M. Muñoz Caro, G. Matrajt, E. Dartois, M. Nuevo, L. d'Hendecourt, D. Deboffle, G. Montagnac, N. Chauvin, C. Boukari, and D. Le Du. A&A 459:147-159 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Observations of CN and dust activity of comet 9P/Tempel 1 around Deep Impact." H. Rauer, M. Weiler, C. Sterken, E. Jehin, J. Knollenberg, and O. Hainaut. A&A 459:257-263 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Rotational excitation of SiO by collisions with helium." F. Dayou and C. Balança. A&A 459:297-305 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Improved line frequencies for the nucleic acid base uracil for a radioastronomical search." S. Brünken, M. C. McCarthy, P. Thaddeus, P. D. Godfrey, and R. D. Brown. A&A 459:317-320 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Chemical composition of Venus atmosphere and clouds: Some unsolved problems." V. A. Krasnopolsky. P&SS 54:1352-1359 (2006). ABSTRACT

"The composition of the atmosphere of Venus below 100 km altitude: An overview." C. de Bergh, V. I. Moroz, F. W. Taylor, D. Crisp, B. Bézard, and L. V. Zasova. P&SS 54:1389-1397 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Carbon monoxide emissions at 4.7 μm; from Venus' atmosphere." J. Crovisier, E. Lellouch, C. de Bergh, J.-P. Maillard, B. L. Lutz, and B. Bézard. P&SS 54:1398-1414 (2006). ABSTRACT

"The Spitzer Infrared Spectrometer view of V4334 Sgr (Sakurai's Object)." A. Evans, V. H. Tyne, J. T. van Loon, B. Smalley, T. R. Geballe, R. D. Gehrz, C. E. Woodward, A. A. Zijlstra, E. Polomski, M. T. Rushton, S. P. S. Eyres, S. G. Starrfield, J. Krautter, and R. M. Wagner. MNRAS 373:L75-L79 (2006). ABSTRACT    WHAT IS SAKURAI'S OBJECT?

"Infrared and Ultraviolet Absorptions of Matrix Isolated C6O2." D. Strelnikov, R. Reusch, and W. Krätschmer. J Phys Chem A 110:12395-12399 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Rate constant calculations on the N(4S) + OH(2Π) reaction." D. Edvardsson, C. F. Williams, and D. C. Clary. Chem Phys Lett 431:261-266 (2006). ABSTRACT

"High-resolution infrared spectroscopy of ethane in Titan's stratosphere in the Huygens epoch." T. A. Livengood, T. Kostiuk, G. Sonnabend, J. N. Annen, K. E. Fast, A. Tokunaga, K. Murakawa, T. Hewagama, F. Schmülling, and R. Schieder. J Geophys Res Planets 111:E11S90 (2006). ABSTRACT

"C2D Spitzer-IRS spectra of disks around T Tauri stars. II. PAH emission features." V. C. Geers, J.-C. Augereau, K. M. Pontoppidan, C. P. Dullemond, R. Visser, J. E. Kessler-Silacci, N. J. Evans II, E. F. van Dishoeck, G. A. Blake, A. C. A. Boogert, J. M. Brown, F. Lahuis and B. Merí. A&A 459:545-556 (2006). ABSTRACT

"A Spitzer Study of Comets 2P/Encke, 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, and C/2001 HT50 (LINEAR-NEAT)." M. S. Kelley, C. E. Woodward, D. E. Harker, D. H. Wooden, R. D. Gehrz, H. Campins, M. S. Hanner, S. M. Lederer, D. J. Osip, J. Pittichová and E. Polomski. ApJ 651:1256-1271 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Organic haze on Titan and the early Earth." M. G. Trainer, A. A. Pavlov, H. L. DeWitt, J. L. Jimenez, C. P. McKay, O. B. Toon, and M. A. Tolbert. Proc Nat Acad Sci [epub] ABSTRACT

"Photochemistry of the martian atmosphere: Seasonal, latitudinal, and diurnal variations." V. A. Krasnopolsky. Icarus 185:153-170 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Experimental and theoretical study of hydrocarbon photochemistry applied to Titan stratosphere." V. Vuitton, J.-F. Doussin, Y. Bénilan, F. Raulin, and M.-C. Gazeau. Icarus 185:287-300 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Reflectance spectra and chemical structure of Titan's tholins: Application to the analysis of Cassini-Huygens observations." J.-M. Bernard, E. Quirico, O. Brissaud, G. Montagnac, B. Reynard, P. McMillan, P. Coll, M.-J. Nguyen, F. Raulin, and B. Schmitt. Icarus 185:301-307 (2006). ABSTRACT

"The Spitzer IRS spectrum of SMP LMC 11." J. Bernard-Salas, E. Peeters, G. C. Sloan, J. Cami, S. Guiles, and J. R. Houck. ApJ 652:L29-L32 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Existence of Ferroelectric Ice in the Universe." H. Fukazawa, A. Hoshikawa, Y. Ishii, B. C. Chakoumakos, and J. A. Fernandez-Baca. ApJ 652:L57-L60 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Gas-Phase Study of Coronene Cation Reactivity of Interstellar Relevance." N. B. Betts, M. Stepanovic, T. P. Snow, and V. M. Bierbaum. ApJ 651:L129-L131 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Nanodiamonds from AGB Stars: A New Type of Presolar Grain in Meteorites." A. B. Verchovsky, A. V. Fisenko, L. F. Semjonova, J. Bridges, M. R. Lee, and I. P. Wright. ApJ 651:481-490 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Diamonds and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the circumstellar environment of the Herbig Ae/Be star Elias 1." R. Topalovic, J. Russell, J. McCombie, T. H. Kerr, and P. J. Sarre. MNRAS 372L1299-1303 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Ionization and dissociation of cometary gaseous organic molecules by solar wind particles - I. Formic acid." S. Pilling, A. C. F. Santos, W. Wolff, M. M. Sant'Anna, A. L. F. Barros, G. G. B. de Souza, N. V. de Castro Faria, and H. M. Boechat-Roberty. MNRAS 372:1379-1388 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Effective rate coefficients for molecular hydrogen formation in diffuse interstellar clouds." Q. Chang, H. M. Cuppen and E. Herbst. A&A 458:497-505 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Rotational excitation of CO in a cool, mixed atomic and molecular hydrogen gas." H. S. Liszt. A&A 458:507-511 (2006). ABSTRACT

October 2006

"Production of ultracold diatomic and triatomic molecular ions of spectroscopic and astrophysical interest." B. Roth, P. Blythe, H. Daerr, L. Patacchini, and S. Schiller. J Phys B At Mol Opt Phys 39:S1241 (2006). ABSTRACT

"An ignored but most favorable channel for NCO+C2H2 reaction." H. Xie, J. Wang, S. Zhang, Y. Ding, and C. Sun. J Chem Phys 125, 124317 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Titan's methane cycle." S. K. Atreya, E. Y. Adams, H. B. Niemann, J. E. Demick-Montelara, T. C. Owen, M. Fulchignoni, F. Ferri, and E. H. Wilson. P&SS 54:1177-1187 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Quasiclassical trajectories on a finite element density functional potential energy surface: The C++H2O reaction revisited." J. R. Flores. J Chem Phys 125:164309 (2006). ABSTRACT

"The sequestration of ethane on Titan in smog particles." D. M. Hunten. Nature 443:669-670 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Photo ejection of water molecules from amorphous ice films." J. Bergeld and D. Chakarov. J Chem Phys 125:141103 (2006). ABSTRACT

"The Unusual Spitzer Spectrum of the Carbon Star IRAS 04496-6958: A Different Condensation Sequence in the LMC?." A. K. Speck, J. Cami, C. Markwick-Kemper, J. Leisenring, R. Szczerba, C. Dijkstra, S. Van Dyk, and M. Meixner. ApJ 650:892-900 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Oxygen Chemistry in the Circumstellar Envelope of the Carbon-Rich Star IRC +10216." M. Agúndez and J. Cernicharo. ApJ 650:374-393 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Detection of Formaldehyde Emission in Comet C/2002 T7 (LINEAR) at Infrared Wavelengths: Line-by-Line Validation of Modeled Fluorescent Intensities." M. A. DiSanti, B. P. Bonev, K. Magee-Sauer, N. Dello Russo, M. J. Mumma, D. C. Reuter, and G. L. Villanueva. ApJ 650:470-483 (2006). ABSTRACT

"A theoretical study on the radical-neutral reaction mechanism of carbon monophosphide, CP, with acetylene, C2H2." H. Yu, Y. Zhao, W. Kan, and H. Fu. J Mol Struct Theochem 772:45-50 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Theoretical investigation on potential energy surface of CSiNP molecule." G. Chen, Y. Ding, X. Huang, and C. Sun. J Mol Struct Theochem 772:51-64 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Ab initio/Rice-Ramsperger-Kassel-Marcus study of the singlet C4H4 potential energy surface and of the reactions of C2(X 1Σg+) with C4H4(X 1A1g+) and C(1D) with C3H4 (allene and methylacetylene)." A. M. Mebel, V. V. Kislov, and R. I. Kaiser. J Chem Phys 125:133113 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Theoretical study on HNC(1Σ) production from the C2(X1Σg+) + NH(X3Σ-) reaction." K. Takahashi and T. Takayanahi. Chem Phys Lett 429:399-404 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Gas-Phase CO2 Emission toward Cepheus A East: The Result of Shock Activity?" P. Sonnentrucker, E. González-Alfonso, D. A. Neufeld, E. A. Bergin, G. J. Melnick, W. J. Forrest, J. L. Pipher, and D. M. Watson. ApJ 650:L71-L74 (2006). ABSTRACT

"The Volatile Composition of the Split Ecliptic comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3: A Comparison of Fragments C and B." G. L. Villanueva, B. P. Bonev, M. J. Mumma, K. Magee-Sauer, M. A. DiSanti, C. Salyk, and G. A. Blake. ApJ 650:L87-L90 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Identification and Spectral Properties of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Carbonaceous Soot Produced by Laser Pyrolysis." C. Jäger, S. Krasnokutski, A. Staicu, F. Huisken, H. Mutschke, T. Henning, W. Poppitz, and I. Voicu. ApJS 166:557-566 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Molecular Line Observations of Infrared Dark Clouds: Seeking the Precursors to Intermediate and Massive Star Formation." S. E. Ragan, E. A. Bergin, R. Plume, D. L. Gibson, D. J. Wilner, S. O'Brien, and E. Hails. ApJS 166:567-584 (2006). ABSTRACT

"The Millimeter- and Submillimeter-Wave Spectrum of Iso-Propanol [(CH3)2CHOH]." A. Maeda, I. R. Medvedev, F. C. De Lucia, and E. Herbst. ApJS 166:650-658 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Chemical Dynamics of the Formation of the 1,3-Butadiynyl Radical (C4H(X2Σ+)) and Its Isotopomers." X. Gu, Y. Guo, A. M. Mebel, and R. I. Kaiser. J Phys Chem A 110:11265-11278 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Visible spectroscopy of 2003 UB313: evidence for N2 ice on the surface of the largest TNO?." J. Licandro, W. M. Grundy, N. Pinilla-Alonso and P. Leisy. A&A 458:L5-L8 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Ro-vibrational excitation of the SO molecule by collision with the He atom." F. Lique, A. Spielfiedel, G. Dhont and N. Feautrier. A&A 458:331-337 (2006). ABSTRACT

"The prebiotic molecules observed in the interstellar gas." P. Thaddeus. Phil Trans Royal Soc B: Bio Sci 361:1681-1687 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Prebiotic materials from on and off the early Earth." M. Bernstein. Phil Trans Royal Soc B: Bio Sci 361:1689-1702 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Spitzer Observations of HH 54 and HH 7-11: Mapping the H2 Ortho-to-Para Ratio in Shocked Molecular Gas." D. A. Neufeld, G. J. Melnick, P. Sonnentrucker, E. A. Bergin, J. D. Green, K. H. Kim, D. M. Watson, W. J. Forrest, and J. L. Pipher. ApJ 649:816-835 (2006). ABSTRACT

"The Distribution of SiO in the Circumstellar Envelope around IRC +10216." F. L. Schöier, D. Fong, H. Olofsson, Q. Zhang, and N. Patel. ApJ 649:965-972 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Dynamics and Disequilibrium Carbon Chemistry in Hot Jupiter Atmospheres, with Application to HD 209458b." C. S. Cooper and A. P. Showman. ApJ 649:1048-1063 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Formaldehyde in Comets C/1995 O1 (Hale-Bopp), C/2002 T7 (LINEAR), and C/2001 Q4 (NEAT): Investigating the Cometary Origin of H2CO." S. N. Milam, A. J. Remijan, M. Womack, L. Abrell, L. M. Ziurys, S. Wyckoff, A. J. Apponi, D. N. Friedel, L. E. Snyder, J. M. Veal, P. Palmer, L. M. Woodney, M. F. A'Hearn, J. R. Forster, M. C. H. Wright, I. de Pater, S. Choi, and M. Gesmundo. ApJ 649:1169-1177 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Silicates Do Nucleate in Oxygen-rich Circumstellar Outflows: New Vapor Pressure Data for SiO." J. A. Nuth III and F. T. Ferguson. ApJ 649:1178-1183 (2006). ABSTRACT

"The effects of circularly polarized light on amino acid enantiomers produced by the UV irradiation of interstellar ice analogs." M. Nuevo, U. J. Meierhenrich, G. M. Muñoz Caro, E. Dartois, L. d'Hendecourt, D. Deboffle, G. Auger, D. Blanot, J.-H. Bredehöft, and L. Nahon. A&A 457:741-751 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Formation of methyl formate and other organic species in the warm-up phase of hot molecular cores." R. T. Garrod and E. Herbst. A&A 457:927-936 (2006). ABSTRACT

"On the HCN and CO2 abundance and distribution in Jupiter's stratosphere." E. Lellouch, B. Bézard, D. F. Strobel, G..L. Bjoraker, F..M. Flasar, and P. N. Romani. Icarus 184:478-497 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Distributions of H2O and CO2 ices on Ariel, Umbriel, Titania, and Oberon from IRTF/SpeX observations." W. M. Grundy, L. A. Young, J. R. Spencer, R. E. Johnson, E. F. Young, and M. W. Buie. Icarus 184:543-555 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Detection of new hydrocarbons in Uranus' atmosphere by infrared spectroscopy." M. Burgdorf, G. Orton, J. van Cleve, V. Meadows, and J. Houck. Icarus 184:634-637 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Laboratory condensation of refractory dust in protosolar and circumstellar conditions." A. Toppani, G. Libourel, F. Robert, and J. Ghanbaja. Geochim Cosmochim Acta 70:5035-5060 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Challenging the identification of nitride dust in extreme carbon star spectra." K. M. Pitman, A. K. Speck, and A. M. Hofmeister. MNRAS 371:1744-1754 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Molecular line intensities as measures of cloud masses - I. Sensitivity of CO emissions to physical parameter variations." T. A. Bell, E. Roueff, S. Viti, and D. A. Williams. MNRAS 371:1865-1872 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Effective grain surface area in the formation of molecular hydrogen in interstellar clouds." S. K. Chakrabarti, A. Das, K. Acharyya and S. Chakrabarti. A&A 457:167-170 (2006). ABSTRACT

"A survey for nanodiamond features in the 3 micron spectra of Herbig Ae/Be stars." B. Acke and M. E. van den Ancke. A&A 457:171-181 (2006). ABSTRACT

September 2006

"Dependence of the effective rate constants for the hydrogenation of CO on the temperature and composition of the surface." N. Watanabe, A. Nagaoka, H. Hidaka, T. Shiraki, T. Chigai, and A. Kouchi. P&SS 54:1107-1114 (2006). ABSTRACT

"The structure of protonated HCP: A classical or non-classical ion?" J. E. Del Bene, I. Alkorta, and J. Elguero. Chem Phys Lett 429:23-26 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Diffuse Atomic and Molecular Clouds." T. P. Snow and B. J. McCall. Ann Rev Astron Astrophys 44:367-414 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Recent results and future prospects for the spectroscopy of comets." J. Crovisier. Mol Phys 104:2737-2751 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Ab initio study of the potential energy surface for the OH+CO → H+CO2 reaction." X. Song, J. Li, H. Hou, and B. Wang. J Chem Phys 126:094301 (2006). ABSTRACT

"Unimolecular Decomposition of Chemically Activated Pentatetraene (H2CCCCCH2) Intermediates: A Crossed Beams Study of Dicarbon Molecule Reactions with Allene." Y. Guo, X. Gu, F. Zhang, A. M. Mebel, and R. I. Kaiser. J Phys Chem A 110:10699-10707 (2006). ABSTRACT

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