Astrochemistry Publications from 2008
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Recent Additions
Published in December 2008
Dissociative recombination in the interstellar medium and planetary ionospheres
W. D. Geppert and M. Larsson
Mol Phys 106, 2199-2226 (2008)
Synthesis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Acetylene Polymers in Ice: A Prebiotic Scenario
C. Menor-Salván, M. Ruiz-Bermejo, S. Osuna-Esteban, G. Muñoz-Caro, and S. Veintemillas-Verdaguer
Chem Biodivers 5, 2729-2739 (2008)
Theoretical Investigation on the Stability of Ionic Formic Acid Clusters
L. Baptista, D. P. P. Andrade, A. Braga Rocha, M. L. M. Rocco, H. M. Boechat-Roberty, E. F. da Silveira, E. Clemente da Silva, and G. Arbilla
J Phys Chem A 112, 13382-13392 (2008)
Ice surface reactions: A key to chemical evolution in space
N. Watanabe and A. Kouchi
Prog Surf Sci 83, 439-489 (2008)

"Extended negative glow and 'hollow anode' discharges for submillimeter-wave observation of CN-, C2H-, and C4H-
T. Amano
J Chem Phys 129, 244305 (2008)

Pathways and reduced-dimension five-dimensional potential energy surface for the reactions H3++CO→H2+HCO+ and H3++CO→H2+HOC+
H. Li, T. Hirano, T. Amano, and R. J. Le Roy
J Chem Phys 129, 244306 (2008)
First observations of SO2 above Venus' clouds by means of Solar Occultation in the Infrared
D. Belyaev, O. Korablev, A. Fedorova, J.-L. Bertaux, A.-C. Vandaele, F. Montmessin, A. Mahieux, V. Wilquet, and R. Drummond
J Geophys Res Planets 113, E00B25 (2008)
Vibrational energy levels of CH5+
X.-G. Wang and T. Carrington, Jr
J Chem Phys 129, 234102 (2008)
Composition of the Venus mesosphere measured by Solar Occultation at Infrared on board Venus Express
A. C. Vandaele, M. De Mazière, R. Drummond, A. Mahieux, E. Neefs, V. Wilquet, O. Korablev, A. Fedorova, D. Belyaev, F. Montmessin, and J.-L. Bertaux
J Geophys Res Planets 113, E00B23 (2008)
HDO and H2O vertical distributions and isotopic ratio in the Venus mesosphere by Solar Occultation at Infrared spectrometer on board Venus Express
A. Fedorova, O. Korablev, A.-C. Vandaele, J.-L. Bertaux, D. Belyaev, A. Mahieux, E. Neefs, W. V. Wilquet, R. Drummond, F. Montmessin, and E. Villard
J Geophys Res Planets 113, E00B22 (2008)
Laboratory Observation of the Rotational Spectrum of a C4 Sugar, 1,4-Anhydroerythritol
B. M. Giuliano, S. Blanco, S. Melandri, and W. Caminati
ApJS 179, 355-359 (2008)
Nonadiabatic dissociation dynamics in H2O: Competition between rotationally and nonrotationally mediated pathways
K. Yuan, Y. Cheng, L. Cheng, Q. Guo, D. Dai, X. Wang, X. Yang, and R. N. Dixon
Proc Nat Acad Sci 105, 19148-19153 (2008)
Strong water absorption in the dayside emission spectrum of the planet HD 189733b
C. J. Grillmair, A. Burrows, D. Charbonneau, L. Armus, J. Stauffer, V. Meadows, J. van Cleve, K. von Braun, and D. Levine
Nature 456, 767-769 (2008)
Quantum dynamics of the O+OH→H+O2 reaction at low temperatures
G. Quéméner, N. Balakrishnan, and B. K. Kendrick
J Chem Phys 129, 224309 (2008)
Theoretical study of unimolecular decomposition of allene cations
A. M. Mebel and A. D. Bandrauk
J Chem Phys 129, 224311 (2008)
An accurate global potential energy surface, dipole moment surface, and rovibrational frequencies for NH3
X. Huang, D. W. Schwenke, and T. J. Lee
J Chem Phys 129, 214304 (2008)
On the chemistry and distribution of HOC+ in M82. More evidence for extensive PDRs
A. Fuente, S. García-Burillo, A. Usero, M. Gerin, R. Neri, A. Faure, J. Le Bourlot, M. González-García, J. R. Rizzo, T. Alonso-Albi, and J. Tennyson
A&A 492, 675-684 (2008)
Survey of ortho-H2D+ (11,0-11,1) in dense cloud cores
P. Caselli, C. Vastel, C. Ceccarelli, F. F. S. van der Tak, A. Crapsi, and A. Bacmann
A&A 492, 703-718 (2008)
Carbamic acid and carbamate formation in NH3:CO2 ices - UV irradiation versus thermal processes
J. B. Bossa, P. Theulé, F. Duvernay, F. Borget, and T. Chiavassa
A&A 492, 719-724 (2008)
Submillimeter water and ammonia absorption by the peculiar z0.89 interstellar medium in the gravitational lens of the PKS 1830-211 system
K. M. Menten, R. Güsten, S. Leurini, S. Thorwirth, C. Henkel, B. Klein, C. L. Carilli, and M. J. Reid
A&A 492, 725-730 (2008)
A CO J = 1-0 survey of common optical/uv absorption sightlines
H. S. Liszt
A&A 492, 743-755 (2008)
Accurate rest frequencies for the submillimetre-wave lines of C3O in ground and vibrationally excited states below 400 cm-1
L. Bizzocchi, C. Degli Esposti, and L. Dore
A&A 492, 875-881 (2008)
A Theoretical Study of the Cyclization Processes of Energized CCCSi and CCCP
M. J. Maclean, P. C. H. Eichinger, T. Wang, M. Fitzgerald, and J. H. Bowie
J Phys Chem A 112, 12714-12720 (2008)
Ab initio treatment of charge transfer in CS+ molecular system
M.-C. Bacchus-Montabonel and D. Talbi
Chem Phys Lett 467, 28-31 (2008)
Titan's winter polar vortex structure revealed by chemical tracers
N. A. Teanby, R. de Kok, P. G. J. Irwin, S. Osprey, S. Vinatier, P. J. Gierasch, P. L. Read, F. M. Flasar, B. J. Conrath, R. K. Achterberg, B. Bézard, C. A. Nixon, and S. B. Calcutt
J Geophys Res Planets 113, E12003 (2008)
Molecules in the disk orbiting the twin young suns of V4046 Sagittarii
J. H. Kastner, B. Zuckerman, P. Hily-Blant, and T. Forveille
A&A 492, 469-473 (2008)
The Atomic-to-Molecular Transition in Galaxies. I. An Analytic Approximation for Photodissociation Fronts in Finite Clouds
M. R. Krumholz, C. F. McKee, and J. Tumlinson
ApJ 689, 865-882 (2008)
Rotational Quenching Rate Coefficients for H2 in Collisions with H2 from 2 to 10,000 K
T.-G. Lee, N. Balakrishnan, R. C. Forrey, P. C. Stancil, G. Shaw, D. R. Schultz, and G. J. Ferland
ApJ 689, 1105-1111 (2008)
Nitrogen Isotopic Fractionation of Interstellar Nitriles
S. D. Rodgers and S. B. Charnley
ApJ 689, 1448-1455 (2008)
Mobility of D atoms on porous amorphous water ice surfaces under interstellar conditions
E. Matar, E. Congiu, F. Dulieu, A. Momeni, and J. L. Lemaire
A&A 492, L17-L20 (2008
Far-infrared spectra of hydrous silicates at low temperatures. Providing laboratory data for Herschel and ALMA
H. Mutschke, S. Zeidler, T. Posch, F. Kerschbaum, A. Baier, and T. Henning
A&A 492, 117-125 (2008)
Carbonaceous dust in interstellar shock waves: hydrogenated amorphous carbon (a-C:H) vs. graphite
L. Serra Díaz-Cano and A. P. Jones
A&A 492, 127-133 (2008)
Identification of anthracene in Comet 1P/Halley
J. Clairemidi, G. Moreels, O. Mousis, and P. Bréchignac
A&A 492, 245-250 (2008)
Collisional excitation of water in warm astrophysical media - I. Rate coefficients for rovibrationally excited states
A. Faure and E. Josselin
A&A 492, 257-264 (2008)
Torsional barrier and equilibrium structure of ethyl cyanide
J. Demaison, L. Margulès, H. Mäder, M. Sheng, and H. D. Rudolph
J Mol Spectrosc 169-175 (2008)
Prebiotic Synthesis of Simple Sugars by an Interstellar Formose Reaction
A. F Jalbout
Orig Life Evol Biosph 38, 489-497 (2008)
Origin of water in the inner Solar System: A kinetic Monte Carlo study of water adsorption on forsterite
K. Muralidharan, P. Deymier, M. Stimpfl, N. H. de Leeuw, and M. J. Drake
Icarus 198, 400-407 (2008)
Synthesis, chemistry and photochemistry of cyanobutadiyne (HCC-CC-CN)
J.-C. Guillemin, Y. Trolez, and A. Moncomble
Adv Space Res 42, 2002-2007 (2008)
Search for organic molecules at the Mars surface: The 'Martian Organic Material Irradiation and Evolution' (MOMIE) project
F. Stalport, P. Coll, C. Szopa, and F. Raulin
Adv Space Res 42, 2014-2018 (2008)
Heterogeneous solid/gas chemistry of organic compounds related to comets, meteorites, Titan, and Mars: Laboratory and in lower Earth orbit experiments
H. Cottin, P. Coll, D. Coscia, N. Fray, Y. Y. Guan, F. Macari, F. Raulin, C. Rivron, F. Stalport, C. Szopa, D. Chaput, M. Viso, M. Bertrand, A. Chabin, L. Thirkell, F. Westall, and A. Brack
Adv Space Res 42, 019-2035 (2008)
Photolytic behaviour of methane at Lyman-α and 248 nm: Studies in the frame of a simulation program of Titan's atmosphere (S.E.T.U.P.)
C. Romanzin, Y. Bénilan, A. Jolly, M.-C. Gazeau
Adv Space Res 42, 2036-2044 (2008)
Rotational Line Emission from Water in Protoplanetary Disks
R. Meijerink, D. R. Poelman, M. Spaans, A. G. G. M. Tielens, and A. E. Glassgold
ApJ 689, L57-L60 (2008)
Photochemical Enrichment of Deuterium in Titan's Atmosphere: New Insights from Cassini-Huygens
D. Cordier, O. Mousis, J. I. Lunine, A. Moudens, and V. Vuitton
ApJ 689, L61-L64 (2008)
Spectral Properties of Gas-phase Condensed Fullerene-like Carbon Nanoparticles from Far-ultraviolet to Infrared Wavelengths
C. Jäger, H. Mutschke, T. Henning, and F. Huisken
ApJ 689, 249-259 (2008)
A Possible Icy Kuiper Belt around HD 181327
C. H. Chen, M. P. Fitzgerald, and P. S. Smith
ApJ 689, 539-544 (2008)
The Distribution, Excitation, and Formation of Cometary Molecules: Methanol, Methyl Cyanide, and Ethylene Glycol
A. J. Remijan, S. N. Milam, M. Womack, A. J. Apponi, L. M. Ziurys, S. Wyckoff, M. F. A'Hearn, I. de Pater, J. R. Forster, D. N. Friedel, P. Palmer, L. E. Snyder, J. M. Veal, L. M. Woodney, and M. C. H. Wright
ApJ 689, 613-621 (2008)
Dust processing in photodissociation regions. Mid-IR emission modelling
M. Compiègne, A. Abergel, L. Verstraete, and E. Habart
A&A 491, 797-807 (2008)
Chemistry in disks II. Poor molecular content of the AB Aurigae disk
K. Schreyer, S. Guilloteau, D. Semenov, A. Bacmann, E. Chapillon, A. Dutrey, F. Gueth, T. Henning, F. Hersant, R. Launhardt, J. Pety, and V. Piétu
A&A 491, 821-827 (2008)
Photodesorption of water ice. A molecular dynamics study
S. Andersson and E. F. van Dishoeck
A&A 491, 907-916 (2008)
Detection of C5N- and Vibrationally Excited C6H in IRC +10216
J. Cernicharo, M. Guélin, M. Agúndez, M. C. McCarthy, and P. Thaddeus
ApJ 688, L83-L86 (2008)
Published in November 2008
Theoretical Studies on Low-Lying Electronic States of Cyanocarbene HCCN and Its Ionic States
Z.-X. Zhao, H.-X. Zhang and C.-C. Sun
J Phys Chem A 112, 12125-12131 (2008)
Reaction Mechanism of HCN+ + C2H4: A Theoretical Study
Y. Li, H.-L. Liu, X.-R. Huang, D. Wang, C.-C. Sun and A.-C. Tang
J Phys Chem A 112, 12252-12262 (2008)
A laboratory and theoretical study of silicon hydroxide SiOH
M. C. McCarthy, F. Tamassia, D. E. Woon, and P. Thaddeus
J Chem Phys 129, 184301 (2008)
Isotopic abundance in the CN coma of comets: Ten years of measurements
R. Schulz, E. Jehin, J. Manfroid, D. Hutsemélkers, C. Arpigny, A. Cochran, J.-M. Zucconi, and J. A. Stüwe
Planet Space Sci 56, 1713-1718 (2008)
EUV resonance fluorescence of the c'4X (0,ν") and b'X (1,ν') transitions of N2
C. Y. R. Wu, H.-S. Fung, K.-Y. Chang, and D. L. Judge
Planet Space Sci 56, 1725-1732 (2008)
Infrared studies at the ice laboratory of Alcoy
R. Vilaplana, O. Gomis, R. Luna, and J. Cantó
Planet Space Sci 56, 1744-1747 (2008)
Rotationally resolved infrared spectroscopy of a jet-cooled phenyl radical in the gas phase
E. N. Sharp, M. A. Roberts, and D. J. Nesbitt
Phys Chem Chem Phys 10, 6592-6596 (2008)
HD molecules at high redshift. A low astration factor of deuterium in a solar-metallicity DLA system at z = 2.418
P. Noterdaeme, P. Petitjean, C. Ledoux, R. Srianand, and A. Ivanchik
A&A 491, 397-400 (2008)
High-excitation molecular gas in local luminous AGN hosts
P. P. Papadopoulos, A. Kovacs, A. S. Evans, and P. Barthel
A&A 491, 483-487 (2008)
Mid-infrared diode laser spectroscopy of SO+
S. Li, R. Zheng, G. Huang, and C. Duan
J Mol Spectrosc 252, 22-24 (2008)
Presence of LaO, ScO and VO Molecular Lines in Sunspot Umbral Spectra
P. Sriramachandran, S. P. Bagare, N. Rajamanickam and K. Balachandrakumar
Solar Phys 252, 267-281 (2008)
Observation of water vapor in the stratosphere of Jupiter with the Odin space telescope
T. Cavalié, F. Billebaud, N. Biver, M. Dobrijevic, E. Lellouch, J. Brillet, A. Lecacheux, Å. Hjalmarson, A. Sandqvist, U. Frisk, M. Olberg, E. A. Bergin, and The Odin Team
Planet Space Sci 56, 1573-1584 (2008)
A theoretical investigation into the trapping of noble gases by clathrates on Titan
C. Thomas, S. Picaud, O. Mousis, and V. Ballenegger
Planet Space Sci 56, 1607-1617 (2008)
Sensitivity of a Titan ionospheric model to the ion-molecule reaction parameters
N. Carrasco, C. Alcaraz, O. Dutuit, S. Plessis, R. Thissen, V. Vuitton, R. Yelle, and P. Pernot
Planet Space Sci 56, 1644-1657 (2008)
Crossed molecular beam study of gas phase reactions relevant to the chemistry of planetary atmospheres: The case of C2+C2H2
F. Leonori, R. Petrucci, K. M. Hickson, E. Segoloni, N. Balucani, S. D. Le Picard, P. Foggi, and P. Casavecchia
Planet Space Sci 56, 1658-1673 (2008)
Protonated PAHs as carriers of diffuse interstellar bands
A. Pathak and P. J. Sarre
MNRAS 391, L10-L14 (2008)
Time-dependent models of dense PDRs with complex molecules
O. Morata and E. Herbst
MNRAS 390, 1549-1561 (2008)
On the formation and abundance of CO in envelopes of asymptotic giant branch stars
R. Papoular
MNRAS 390, 1727-1732 (2008)
CN column densities and excitation temperatures
K. Slyk, A. V. Bondar, G. A. Galazutdinov, and J. Krełowski
MNRAS 390, 1733-1750 (2008)
Ultraviolet Survey of CO and H2 in Diffuse Molecular Clouds: The Reflection of Two Photochemistry Regimes in Abundance Relationships
Y. Sheffer, M. Rogers, S. R. Federman, N. P. Abel, R. Gredel, D. L. Lambert, and G. Shaw
ApJ 687, 1075-1106 (2008)
Gas and dust mass in the disc around the Herbig Ae star HD 169142
O. Panic, M. R. Hogerheijde, D. Wilner, and C. Qi
A&A 491, 219-227 (2008)
A new modified-rate approach for gas-grain chemical simulations
R. T. Garrod
A&A 491, 239-251 (2008)
Methane clathrate hydrate FTIR spectrum
E. Dartois and D. Deboffle
A&A 490, L19-L22 (2008)
The 16OH/18OH and OD/OH isotope ratios in comet C/2002 T7 (LINEAR)
N. Bello González, O. Okunev, and F. Kneer
A&A 490, L31-L34 (2008)
New experimental constraints on the composition and structure of tholins
E. Quirico, G. Montagnac, V. Lees, P. F. McMillan, C. Szopa, G. Cernogora, J.-N. Rouzaud, P. Simon, J.-M. Bernard, P. Coll, N. Fray, R. D. Minard, F. Raulin, B. Reynard, and B. Schmitt
Icarus 198, 218-231 (2008)
CH4/N2/H2 spark hydrophilic tholins: A systematic approach to the characterization of tholins
M. Ruiz-Bermejo, C. Menor-Salván, E. Mateo-Martí, S. Osuna-Esteban, J. Ángel Martín-Gago, and S. Veintemillas-Verdaguer
Icarus 198, 232-241 (2008)
Evidence for the existence of supercooled ethane droplets under conditions prevalent in Titans atmosphere
Ó. F. Sigurbjörnsson and R. Signorell
Phys Chem Chem Phys 10, 6211-6214 (2008)
On the formation of higher carbon oxides in extreme environments
R. I. Kaiser and A. M. Mebel
Chem Phys Lett 465, 1-9 (2008)
Callisto: New Insights from Galileo Disk-resolved UV Measurements
A. R. Hendrix and R. E. Johnson
ApJ 687, 706-713 (2008)
A Theoretical Study of the Photodissociation Mechanism of Cyanoacetylene in Its Lowest Singlet and Triplet Excited States
C. Luo, W.-N. Du, X.-M. Duan, and Z.-S. Li
ApJ 687, 726-730 (2008)
Direct Measurements of the Fundamental Rotational Transitions of CD and 13CH (X 2Πr)
D. T. Halfen, L. M. Ziurys, J. C. Pearson, and B. J. Drouin
ApJ 687, 731-736 (2008)
Toward a reduction of the bimolecular reaction model for Titan's ionosphere
N. Carrasco, S. Plessis, M. Dobrijevic, and P. Pernot
Int J Chem Kinet 40, 699-709 (2008)
The Dense Molecular Ridge in NGC 2024
T. Watanabe and G. F. Mitchell
AJ 136, 1947-1963 (2008)
The 6.2 μm band position in laboratory and astrophysical spectra: a tracer of the aliphatic to aromatic evolution of interstellar carbonaceous dust
T. Pino, E. Dartois, A.-T. Cao, Y. Carpentier, T. Chamaillé, R. Vasquez, A. P. Jones, L. d'Hendecourt, and P. Bréchignac
A&A 490, 665-672 (2008)
SiO line emission from interstellar jets and outflows: silicon-containing mantles and non-stationary shock waves
A. Gusdorf, G. Pineau des Forêts, S. Cabrit, and D. R. Flower
A&A 490, 695-706 (2008)
SPITZER survey of dust grain processing in stable discs around binary post-AGB stars
C. Gielen, H. Van Winckel, M. Min, L. B. F. M. Waters, and T. Lloyd Evans
A&A 490, 725-735 (2008)
Published in October 2008
A Quantum Chemical Study of the Generation of a Potential Prebiotic Compound, Cyanoacetaldehyde, and Related Sulfur Containing Species
A. Horn, H. Møllendal, and J.-C. Guillemin
J Phys Chem A 112, 11009-11016 (2008)
When electrons meet molecular ions and what happens next: Dissociative recombination from interstellar molecular clouds to internal combustion engines
R. D. Thomas
Mass Spectrom Rev 27, 485-530 (2008)
Time evolution of simple molecules during proto-star collapse
A. Das, S. K. Chakrabarti, K. Acharyya, and S. Chakrabarti
New Astron 13, 457-467 (2008)
Amino acid synthesis in Europa's subsurface environment
S. H. Abbas and D. Schulze-Makuch
Int J Astrobio 7, 193-203 (2008)
DESIREE as a new tool for interstellar ion chemistry
H. T. Schmidt, H. A. B. Johansson, R. D. Thomas, W. D. Geppert, N. Haag, P. Reinhed, S. Rosén, M. Larsson, H. Danared, K.-G. Rensfelt, L. Liljeby, L. Bagge, M. Björkhage, M. Blom, P. Löfgren, A. Källberg, A. Simonsson, A. Paál, H. Zettergren, and H. Cederquist
Int J Astrobio 7, 205-208 (2008)
H3+: the initiator of interstellar chemistry
M. Larsson
Int J Astrobio 7, 237-241 (2008).
Optical Spectroscopic Observations of Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3
Y. Kanda, A. Mori, H. Kobayashi, and H. Kawakita
Publ Astron Soc Japan 60, 1191-1198 (2008)
Renner-Teller interactions in the dissociative recombination of HCO+
C. Jungen and S. T. Pratt
J Chem Phys 129, 164311 (2008)
Chemical probing spectroscopy of H3+ above the barrier to linearity
H. Kreckel, D. Bing, S. Reinhardt, A. Petrignani, M. Berg, and A. Wolf
J Chem Phys 129, 164312 (2008)
The Simplest Linear-Carbon-Chain Growth by Atomic-Carbon Addition and Ring Opening Reactions
T. Ogata and Y. Tatamitani
J Phys Chem A 112, 10713-10715 (2008)
A Quantum Chemical Study of the Generation of a Potential Prebiotic Compound, Cyanoacetaldehyde, and Related Sulfur Containing Species
A. Horn, H. Møllendal, and J.-C. Guillemin
J Phys Chem A 112, 11009-11016 (2008)
An ab initio calculation of the vibronic energy levels of the X 2Π and 1 2Δ electronic states of C2P
S. Jerosimic and M. Peric
J Chem Phys 129, 144305 (2008)
Measurement of the Magnetic Properties of FeH in Its X 4Δ and F 4Δ States from Sunspot Spectra
J. J. Harrison and J. M. Brown
ApJ 686, 1426-1431 (2008)
Laboratory Evidence for Efficient Water Formation in Interstellar Ices
S. Ioppolo, H. M. Cuppen, C. Romanzin, E. F. van Dishoeck, and H. Linnartz
ApJ 686, 1474-1479 (2008)
Integrated Near-Infrared Band Strengths of Solid CH4 and Its Mixtures with N2
R. Brunetto, G. Caniglia, G. A. Baratta, and M. E. Palumbo
ApJ 686, 1480-1485 (2008)
Gas Phase Study of C+ Reactions of Interstellar Relevance
O. Martinez, Jr., N. B. Betts, S. M. Villano, N. Eyet, T. P. Snow, and V. M. Bierbaum
ApJ 686, 1486-1492 (2008)
Pathways to Oxygen-Bearing Molecules in the Interstellar Medium and in Planetary Atmospheres: Cyclopropenone (c-C3H2O) and Propynal (HCCCHO)
L. Zhou, R. I. Kaiser, L. G. Gao, A. H. H. Chang, M.-C. Liang, and Y. L. Yung
ApJ 686, 1493-1502 (2008)
A crossed molecular beam study on the synthesis of the interstellar 2,4-pentadiynylidyne radical (HCCCCC)
F. Zhang, Y. S. Kim, L. Zhou, A. H. H. Chang, and R. I. Kaiser
J Chem Phys 129, 134313 (2008)
B 2Σu+X 2Πg electronic spectrum of NCCN+ in the gas phase
V. Rudnev, C. A. Rice, and J. P. Maier
J Chem Phys 129, 134315 (2008)
Origin of oxygen species in Titan's atmosphere
S. M. Hörst, V. Vuitton, and R. V. Yelle
J Geophys Res Planets 113, E10006 (2008)
Distribution and escape of molecular hydrogen in Titan's thermosphere and exosphere
J. Cui, R. V. Yelle, and K. Volk
J Geophys Res Planets 113, E10004 (2008)
Methane escape from Titan's atmosphere
R. V. Yelle, J. Cui, and I. C. F. Müller-Wodarg
J Geophys Res Planets 113, E10003 (2008)
Ice Emission and the Redshifts of Submillimeter Sources
C. C. Dudley, M. Imanishi, and P. R. Maloney
ApJ 686, 251-261 (2008)
Low-Temperature Rate Constants for Rotational Excitation and De-excitation of C3 (X 1Σg+) by Collisions with He (1S)
D. Ben Abdallah, K. Hammami, F. Najar, N. Jaidane, Z. Ben Lakhdar, M. L. Senent, G. Chambaud, and M. Hochlaf
ApJ 686, 379-383 (2008)
A 12CO, 13CO, and C18O Survey of Infrared Dark Clouds
F. Du and J. Yang
ApJ 686, 384-398 (2008)
Carriers of the mid-IR emission bands in PNe reanalysed. Evidence of a link between circumstellar and interstellar aromatic dust
C. Joblin, R. Szczerba, O. Berné, and C. Szyszka
A&A 490, 189-196 (2008)
Surface characterization of Pluto and Charon by L and M band spectra
S. Protopapa, H. Boehnhardt, T. M. Herbst, D. P. Cruikshank, W. M. Grundy, F. Merlin, and C. B. Olkin
A&A 490, 365-375 (2008)
IR, Raman, and UV/Vis Spectra of Corannulene for Use in Possible Interstellar Identification
G. Rouillé, C. Jäger, M. Steglich, F. Huisken, T. Henning, G. Theumer, I. Bauer, and H.-J. Knölker
Chem Phys Chem 9, 2085-2091 (2008)
A H13CN/HN13C linelist, model atmospheres and synthetic spectra for carbon stars
G. J. Harris, F. C. Larner, J. Tennyson, B. M. Kaminsky, Y. V. Pavlenko, and H. R. A. Jones
MNRAS 390, 143-148 (2008)
The rotational excitation of SiS by para- and ortho-H2
J. Klos and F. Lique
MNRAS 390, 239-244 (2008)
Dehydrogenated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and UV bump
G. Malloci, G. Mulas, C. Cecchi-Pestellini, and C. Joblin
A&A 489, 1183-1187 (2008)
Kinetics and Product Branching Ratios of the Reaction of 1CH2 with H2 and D2
K. L. Gannon, M. A. Blitz, M. J. Pilling, P. W. Seakins, S. J. Klippenstein, and L. B. Harding
J Phys Chem A 112, 9575-9583 (2008)
Rate Coefficients for the Reactions of C2(a3Πu) and C2(X1Σg+) with Various Hydrocarbons (CH4, C2H2, C2H4, C2H7, and C3H8< /SUB>): A Gas-Phase Experimental Study over the Temperature Range 24-300 K
A. Páramo, A. Canosa, S. D. Le Picard, and I. R. Sims
J Phys Chem A 112, 9591-9600 (2008)
The gas-phase catalytic formation of H2 by cations
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