Olivia Harper Wilkins & Geoffrey A. Blake
Prebiotic Photochemistry
From Urey-Miller-like Experiments to Recent Findings

Franz Saija and Giuseppe Cassone (Eds.)
The Physics of the Interstellar Medium (3rd Ed) (2020)

J. E. Dyson and D. A. Williams
Dust in Galaxies

D. A. Williams & C. Cecchi-Pestellini
Laboratory Astrophysics: From Observations to Interpretation
IAU Symposium S350

F. Salama and H. Linnartz (Eds.)
Spectroscopy and Photochemistry of Planetary Atmospheres and Ionospheres
Mars, Venus, Titan, Triton and Pluto

V. A. Krasnopolsky

Astronomical Spectroscopy
An Introduction to the Atomic and Molecular Physics of Astronomical Spectra (3rd Edition)

J. Tennyson
Gas-Phase Chemistry in Space
From elementary particles to complex organic molecules

F. Lique and A. Faure (Eds.)
Creating the Molecules of Life (2018)

R. N. Boyd and M. A. Famiano
Laboratory Astrophysics (2018)

G. Muñoz Caro and M. Escribano (Eds.)
Astrochemistry VII (IAU 332)
Through the Cosmos from Galaxies to Planets

M. Cunningham, T. Millar, and Y. Aikawa (Eds.)
Astrophysics of Exoplanet Atmospheres
2nd Advanced School on Exoplaneteary Science

V. Bozza, L. Mancini, and A. Sozzetti (Eds.)

[chapters by J. J. Fortney ("Modeling Exoplanetary Atmospheres: An Overview") and J. Tennyson ("Molecular Spectroscopy for Exoplanets")]
Catching Stardust
Comets, Asteroids, and the Birth of the Solar System

N. Starkey

Review by SS Russell in Nature Astronomy
Origins of Life
A cosmic perspective

D. Whittet
Handbook of Exoplanets (2017)

H. J. Deeg and J. A. Belmonte (Eds.)
Dynamical Astrochemistry (2017)

D. A. Williams, T. W. Hartquist, J. M. C. Rawlings, C. Cecchi-Pestellini, and S. Viti
Introduction to Astrochemistry
Chemical Evolution from Interstellar Clouds to Star and Planet Formation

S. Yamamoto

Review at goodreads
From the Big Bang to the Present Day

C. Vallance

Review at goodreads
The Chemistry of Cosmic Dust (2015)

D. A. Williams and C. Cecchi-Pestellini

Review at goodreads
The Diffuse Interstellar Bands
IAU Symposium 297

J. Cami and N. L. J. Cox (Eds.)

Review at goodreads
Observational Molecular Astronomy
Exploring the Universe Using Molecular Line Emissions

D. A. Williams & S. Viti

Review at goodreads
The Cosmic Seeds of Life

S. Kwok
The Science of Solar System Ices (2013)

M. S. Gudipati and J. Castillo-Rogez (Eds.)
The Cosmic-Chemical Bond
Chemistry from the Big Bang to Planet Formation

D. A. Williams and T. W. Hartquist
Astrochemistry and Astrobiology (2013)

I. W. M. Smith, C. S. Cockell, and S. Leach (Eds.)
Molecular Collisions in the Interstellar Medium (2nd Ed) (2012)

D. Flowers
Molecular Gas, Dust, and Star Formation in Galaxies
IAU Symposium 292

T. Wong and J. Ott (Eds.)
ECLA - European Conference on Laboratory Astrophysics (2012)

C. Stehlé, C. Joblin, and L. d'Hendecourt (Eds.)
Molecules in the Atmospheres of Extrasolar Planets (2012)

J. Beaulieu, S. Dieters, and G. Tinetti (Eds.)
Organic Matter in the Universe (2012)

S. Kwok

review by T. R. Blackburn in Choice
The Chemical Cosmos
A Guided Tour

S. Miller

review by T. R. Blackburn in Choice
Stardust, Supernovae and the Molecules of Life (2012)

R. N. Boyd

PAHS and the Universe (2011)

C. Joblin and A. G. G. M. Tielens (Eds.)
Laboratory Astrochemistry
From Molecules through Nanoparticles to Grains

S. Schlemmer, T. Giesen, and H. Mutschke (Eds.)
Astronomical Spectroscopy
An Introduction to the Atomic and Molecular Physics of Astronomical Spectra (2nd Edition)

J. Tennyson
Interstellar Molecules
Their Laboratory and Interstellar Habitat

K. M. T. Yamada and G. Winnewisser (Eds.)
Water in the Universe (2011)

A. Hanslmeier
The Molecular Universe
IAU Symposium 280

J. Cernicharo and R. Bachiller (Eds.)
Encyclopedia of Astrobiology (2011)

M. Gargaud, R. Amils, J. Cernicharo Quintanilla, H. J. Cleaves, W. M. Irvine, D. Pinti, and M. Viso, Eds.
Icy Bodies of the Solar System
IAU Symposium 263

J. A. Fernandez, D. Lazzaro, D. Prialnik, and R. Schulz (Eds.)
Titan from Cassini-Huygens (2010)

R. H. Brown, J.-P. Lebreton, and J. H. Waite (Eds.)
Protoplanetary Dust
Astrophysical and Cosmochemical Perspectives

D. Apai and D. S. Lauretta (Eds.)

review by C. Floss in Meteor Planet Sci
review by R. Ziethe in Planet Space Sci
Chemistry in Space
From Interstellar Matter to the Origin of Life

D. Rehder

review by T. Millar in Chem World
Chemistry of the Solar System (2010)

K. Lodders and B. Fegley, Jr.

review by S. Price in Chem World
Recent Advances in Spectroscopy (2010)

R. K. Chaudhuri, M. V. Mekkaden, A. V. Raveendran,
and A. Satya Narayanan (Eds.)

Saturn from Cassini-Huygens (2009)

M. K. Dougherty, L. W. Esposito, and S. M. Krimigis (Eds.)
Cosmic Dust – Near and Far (2009)

T. Henning, E. Grün, and J. Steinacker (Eds.)
Future Directions in Ultraviloet Spectroscopty (2009)

M. E. Van Steenberg, G. Sonneborn, H. W. Moos and W. P. Blair (Eds.)
Organic Matter in Space
IAU Symposium 251

S. Kwok and S. Sanford (Eds.)
Bioastronomy 2007
Molecules, Microbes and Extraterrestrial Life

K. J. Meech, J. V. Keane, M. J. Mumma, J. L. Siefert, and D. J. Werthimer (Eds.)
Chemical Evolution across Space and Time
From the Big Bang to Prebiotic Chemistry

L. Zaikowski and J. Friedrich, Eds.
Massive Star Formation: Observations Confront Theory (2008)

H. Beuther, H. Linz, and T. Henning
Science with the Atacama Large Millimeter Array
A New Era for Astrophysics

R. Bachiller and J. Cernicharo (Eds.)
Biosphere Origin and Evolution (2008)

N. Dobretsov, N. Kolchanov, A. Rozanov, and G. Zavarzin (Eds.)
Chemistry Evolution across Space and Time
From the Big Bang to Prebiotic Chemistry

L. Zaikoski and J. M. Freidrich (Eds.)
Chemistry of Space (2007)

D. E. Newton

REVIEW at goodreads
Protostars and Planets V (2007)

B. Reipurth, D. Jewitt, and K. Keil (Eds.)

review by M. Mortimer at Universe Today
Lectures in Astrobiology
Volume II

M. Gargaud, H. Martin, and P. Claeys, Eds.
Physics and Chemistry of the Interstellar Medium (2007)

S. Kwok
From Astronomy to Astrobiology

A. M. Shaw

review by P. R. Douville in Choice
The Spitzer Space Telescope: New Views of the Cosmos (2006)

L. Armus and W. T. Reach (Eds.)
Lectures in Astrobiology
Volume I

M. Gargaud, B. Barbier, H. Martin, and J. Reisse (Eds.)
The Physics and Chemistry of the Interstellar Medium (2005)

A. G. G. M. Tielens

review by E. M. Murphy in Choice
Astrochemistry: Recent Successes and Current Challenges
IAU Symposium 231

D. C. Lis, G. A. Blake, and E. Herbst (Eds.)
Chondrites and the Protoplanetary Disk (2005)

A. N. Krot, E. R. D. Scott, and B. Reipurth (Eds.)
The Dusty and Molecular Universe (2005)

A. Wilson (Ed.)
The Dense Interstellar Medium in Galaxies (2004)

S. Pfalzner, C. Kramer, C. Straubmeier, and A. Heithausen (Eds.)
Chemistry as a Diagnostic of Star Formation (2003)

C. L. Curry and M. Fich (Eds.)
Chemistry of Atmospheres
An Introduction to the Chemistry of the Atmospheres of Earth, the Planets, and their Satellites

R. P. Wayne

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