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Astrobiology/Exobiology Links
   The Astrobiology Web
     The Astrobiology Institute at NASA-Ames
       SETI Institute
         NASA Astrobiology

Astrochemistry Links
   Astrochemistry Links at The Astrochymist

Astro Journals
   Journal Links at The Astrochymist

Ongoing or Upcoming Space Exploration Missions
   Cassini-Huygens (Saturn & Titan)
     Dawn (Ceres & Vesta)
       Kepler (extrasolar planetary systems)
         Mars Odyssey (chemical elements & minerals)
           Mars Reconnaisance Orbiter (surface & atmosphere)
             Mars Rovers (water & climate)
               MESSENGER (Mercury)
                 New Horizons (Pluto/Kuiper Belt)
                   Phoenix Mars (Mars soil analysis)
                     Rosetta (Comet Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko)

Completed Space Exploration Missions
   Deep Impact (Comet Tempel 1)
     Deep Space 1 (Comet Borrelly) alt link
       Galileo (Jovian moons)
         Genesis (solar isotope abundances)
           Hayabusa (Itokawa)
             NEAR (Eros)
               Stardust (Comet Wild 2)

Professional Organizations
   American Chemical Society
     American Physical Society
       American Astronomical Society
         Division for Planetary Science of AAS

Quantum Chemistry Links
   EMSL Gaussian Basis Set Order Form
     Kirk Peterson's page on the correlation consistent sets
       The Computational Chemistry List (CCL)
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Hubble Telescope Picture Archive

Spitzer Space Telescope



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