January 2020
Methyl Ketene

An unsuccessful search for methyl ketene (CH3CHCO) was reported in 2018 by Bermúdez at al. Using a newly measured rotational spectrum, the molecule was sought in line lists of a number of the most prolific interstellar molecule factories: Orion KL, Sgr B2, TMC-1, and Barnard 1 (B1-b). No lines could be assigned to methyl ketene. Methyl ketene is the second most stable isomer of C3H4O compounds. The most stable isomer, propenal (CH2CHCHO), was detected in 2004. Ketene was discovered in the late 1970s.

Researcher Links
C Bermudez
B Tercero
R Motiyenko
L Margulès
J Cernicharo
Y Ellinger
J-C Guillemin

Methyl ketene or 1-propen-1-one, is stable enough that a number of its properties have been measured, including its infrared spectrum. It does not appear to be widely used in terrestrial chemistry.

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