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Click on the following links to download a pdf version of a talk I presented at the ACS 2023 Spring Meeting in Indianapolis in a symposium on Innovations in Teaching Physical Chemistry, a PowerPoint file with coupling diagram templates and various examples, and a pdf file with a partial set of printable trading cards.

Woon ACS talk, March 2023
PowerPoint templates & examples
Trading Cards for H, C, N, O, S, & Cl

Here are titles and brief descriptions of the topics from my lecture notes that cover glyphs and coupling diagrams for our Physical Chemistry I course. The notes for Topic 7 may be downloaded. I will email copies of any of the other topics on request.

email: or

TOPIC 7: Configuration Diagram Glyphs for Atoms →  [DOWNLOAD]

an introduction to glyphs

TOPIC 8: Polarization of Electrons in Orbitals

lays groundwork for understanding how orbitals shift during bond formation

TOPIC 9: The Nature of Chemical Bonds

the connection between bonding and potential energy curves

TOPIC 10: Chemical Bonding in H2

MO vs GVB perspective; E-E, N-N, E-N contributions to the hamiltonian

TOPIC 11: Types of Chemical Bonds

non-polar and polar covalent bonds, ionic bonds, dative bonds, recoupled pair bonds

TOPIC 12: Families of Related Compounds

atom-by-atom construction of OHn and O2Hn compounds

TOPIC 13: Recoupled Pair Bonding in Carbon and Nitrogen

atom-by-atom construction of CHn compounds, RPB in HNC, etc.

TOPIC 14: Recoupled Pair Bonding in Sulfur, Phosphorus, and Chlorine

atom-by-atom construction of SFn compounds, some P and Cl compounds

TOPIC 15: Dative Bonding

protonation, exotic compounds, oxyacids, complex cations

TOPIC 16: Recoupling in Chemical Reactions

recoupling in transition states

Webbook on Atoms, Bonding, and Molecules developed with NSF funding
The Astrochymist (my astrochemistry website)
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