Building Ammonia from N and H σ Bond Formation in HF
Objective of the Module

Teaching introductory level students about the electronic structure of atoms and molecules has changed little in the last fifty years. Many of the concepts used are nearly a hundred years old, such as Lewis dot diagrams. In this same period quantum chemistry has advanced dramatically, driven by advances in chemical theory and computing technology. We aim to transform the manner in which the fundamental material about the nature of atoms, bonding, and molecules is taught in General Chemistry courses by incorporating state-of-the-art quantum chemical concepts. The module is richly supported with both static and animated graphics.

This website is devoted to presenting a new module on the nature of the chemical bond. In place of memorizing rules, our strategy is to develop an understanding of the nature of bonding by exploring the process by which atoms combine to form molecules. We characterize the different types of bonds and observe bond formation directly by monitoring orbitals. Our approach creates a coherent narrative that relates atoms and their properties to molecules and their properties. It emphasizes connecting theory and its symbolic representations to actual molecules in real world contexts.

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