August 2022

The three-membered ring compound aziridine (c-C2H5N) has been the subject of several searches. In 2001, Dickens and coworkers claimed a tentative detection of the compound based on a single transition toward several hot cores, including Sgr B2(N). In 2004, Kuan and coworkers also claimed a tentative identification of aziridine toward Orion KL and W51 e1/e2 based on limited data. Most recently, Barnum and coworkers were not able to detect aziridine toward TMC-1. Their search included 155 lines reported in a spectroscopic study of aziridine by Thorwirth and coworkers. They placed an upper limit of about 2 x 10–13 cm–2 on the column density of aziridine toward TMC-1 using survey data collected by the 100m Green Bank Telescope.

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TJ Barnum
MA Siebert
RA Loomis
PB Changala
SB Charnley
ML Sita
C Xue
AJ Remijan
AM Burkhardt
BA McGuire
IR Cooke

Aziridine is also known as ethyleneimine. It is used in manufacturing polyethyleneimine polymers, but it is quite toxic.

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